So, Startup Weekend. I’m two days in and wow, it’s pretty intense. Not so much because of pressure, but from the many decisions that have to be made and the many opinions in the room. See, the format works like this: on Friday night, you have dinner, hang out and chat with like-minded tech entrepreneurs and then, several people pitch ideas to the crowd. You get thirty seconds to pitch your concept. Some are good, some are…not so good.

After the pitch, the ideas are voted on and teams are formed. There’s no rules about team formation, it just happens organically. From what I saw, the teams had and even spread (mostly) with business types, creative types and programmer types. After the teams are formed, you get together, late into the night, and try to decide on what you’re going to deliver on Sunday (the day you pitch to the judges). Can you deliver and demo a working product? A prototype? A skit using sticky notes (that’s actually happend in the past).

On Saturday morning everyone rolls back in, eats a nice breakfast (they keep us well-fed) and gets started on making something. That’s where the caos and the conflict can occur (at least for our team). But, after the dust settles and a deliverable is agreed on, things start falling into place. Along the way you have mentors come to your team and give you tips and ideas, which is great. These are people who have done this before and they have lots of helpful advice. The mentors really helped put us on the right track.

Tomorrow is pitch day. My team is working hard to firm up our presentation and get our ducks in a row. We’ll see how it goes. I’m completely exhausted.