Well, that was a busy weekend. A chaotic, emotional roller-coaster. We were warned and what they said was true. By Sunday afternoon (the final day) we had lost half of our team. I have to admit, there was a point were I was on the fence about whether or not our team would hold together. But, those of us left standing, the remaining five, were the right team and we rallied. We honed our final pitch and several of the mentors agreed that it was solid (thank you, mentors).

Our team was second to present to the judges and our pitch-man, Jake (aka,'”The Boy”, because he’s a fresh-faced kid, yet ahead of his time) did a fantastic job. The judges only real criticism of our product idea was that we might not be charging enough. The other teams were great and there were some solid ideas and some great pitches.

In the end, our team won. Yep. We won. It was a great experience. I went in hoping to learn a thing or two and get to know my local tech/startup community better and ended up on the winning team. It’s a great feeling, but it’s only the beginning. What did I learn? I learned that making something like this work, building a startup, is all about getting the right personalities together. Our idea was solid, but getting the right people focused on the goal of developing the idea was the challenge.

Big thanks to Gangplank Chandler, Startup Weekend and all of the people who put this event on ([@benhall2121])(https://twitter.com/benhall2121), @Shon@ZombieFeynman@IAmKatieHurst and @EileenMKane). Really, these are some dedicated people. They provided for our every need so we could focus on developing our product and without them, this rich experience would not have been possible. So, thank you.

Here’s an article about the event.