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Fluent NHibernate Mapping Tests

For months, I’ve been writing tons of mapping code for Fluent NHibernate and, although I love the framework, I hate that I can’t just create some criteria to make sure my mappings work. Yes, there’s some built in tools to verify your mappings. But, those tools assume a complete working data model. And, frankly, that’s not what I’m looking to test. I just want to know if my mappings are correct.

Last night, I came across this blog post and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It just tests the mappings. Okay, so you do need an in-memory Sqlite database to underlie the test, but it works. It just verifies the mappings in one single method and that’s a wonderful thing. Below is the code:

[Test] public void AllMappingsAreOk() { var session = GetCurrentNHibernateSession(); var errors = new List(); foreach (var entry in session.SessionFactory.GetAllClassMetadata()) { var type = entry.Key; var data = entry.Value; try { session.CreateCriteria(type).SetMaxResults(0).List(); } catch (Exception e) { errors.Add(string.Format("Error getting type {0}: {1}", type, e.Message)); } foreach (var collection in data.PropertyNames.Where(x => data.GetPropertyType(x).IsCollectionType)) { try { session.CreateCriteria(type).CreateCriteria(collection).SetMaxResults(0).List(); } catch (Exception e) { errors.Add(string.Format("Error getting collection {0}.{1}: {2}", type, collection, e.Message)); } } } Assert.True(errors.Count == 0, string.Join(Environment.NewLine, errors)); }

This solution is simple. All it does is create the query criteria for the underlying SQL call. If your mappings are broken, it will fail. So simple yet so powerful.

Fluent NHibernate Mapping Tests
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