Since 2007, when the first iPhone came out, I’ve been a proud iPhone user. I did have a short brush with Android, but couldn’t stand it so I went back to the comfort of my iOS device. Over the past 7 years, I’ve watched the iPhone grow from primitive to refined. But, frankly, I became bored with it. It’s not doing much anymore and I’ve been Windows Phone curious for a few years. My biggest reservation about going Windows Phone is that it seemed too under-developed. The hardware was wierd and the software was, well, like iOS in 2009.

But things have changed. Nokia has made some amazing devices, especially where cameras are concerned and I’m a big photography geek. So, I finally made the switch to Windows Phone 8. It was a good move. The user experience is great (isn’t that why iOS 7 ripped it off?) and the camera takes better low-light photos than my DSLR. This phone is fantastic for many reasons. I do feel like the odd man out using a Windows Phone, but frankly, I don’t really care because Microsoft and Nokia are doing some really neat things with this platform.

Besides my boredom with the iPhone, my desire to try something new and the superior camera, I have another reason for switching to Windows Phone. I’m a C# developer by profession and that means I can crank out apps with ease. I don’t have to learn a new language (like Objective C or Java…yuck). And this is the one area where Windows Phone falls short, the apps. The apps are scarce and of low quality, especially compared to iOS apps. But for me, this is a good thing, because it provides me the opportunity to write some good quality software.

Over the next few months, I plan to write a few Windows Phone 8 apps. I’m going to start with something simple and un-original to get my feet wet. But, I have bigger aspirations for the future. For now, I’m doing my homework and writing some lame tutorial code, but I hope to have an app in the store soon. More to come…