It’s been a few weeks since I started coding my first Windows Phone app and it’s going well. I find it surprising how much time it takes to build what seems like a simple little tool, but there’s a lot of details that require attention. The biggest time sink for me is obsessing over the design. Mobile applications need to have a personality. They need to function well, but they need to feel great.

Personally, if I come across a mobile app that solves a problem for me, but it looks like a developer designed it, I just won’t download it. I have also purchased apps that didn’t really do much, but looked really nice. I’m a sucker for a well designed app and I’m trying my best to make my first app something to be proud of, not only because of it’s function, but more so for the way it makes users feel.

The other thing that’s taking a lot of time is getting used to the Windows Phone platform. So far, I’m really impressed. The API does a lot for you, it just takes time to learn where everything is. Originally I was just slapping UI code together, but then realized I was making a mess so I took a step back and broke out all of my platform independent code into a portable class library using MVVM more strictly and my code base is much cleaner now.

In the next few weeks I’ll post more about what my new app is and some screenshots. Stay tuned.