I am not - nor have I ever been - a morning person. It's just not something I've been capable of. Late nights are when I become optimally productive and creative. Late night activity (coding, reading, photo editing) leads to late mornings. Always has.

The real contradiction for me is that I truly believe early morning rising is inherently more virtuous then sleeping late. I have no rational justification for that belief, but it remains. Something about waking up before the sun, getting a jump on the day, seems more grown-up then hitting the snooze button at 9am.

As I get older, waking up earlier is getting slightly easier, especially with young kids who know little about sleeping in. But, I have one problem: I like to stay up late. This is problematic because, although I'm getting up earlier, I'm not really going to bed any earlier. A recipe for exhaustion.

Last night I finally forced myself to go to bed early (for me anyway). I hit the hay at about 9:30, did some reading and fell asleep around 10:30 or so. The problem with going to bed early is that my mind does not want to shut off. In fact, this is when my mind starts racing. It's late, the wife and kids are sleeping, it's time to work on something. My mind is active.

Late nights are when I worked on my 3 failed startups, wrote several apps, did side work, edited images from a photo shoot, or learned a new technology. Can I train my mind to do these things in the morning? Is there hope for the late morning people to convert to the other side? Sounds crazy, but it might be possible.

Tonight, I'll try again. Slowly, I might become a morning person, but who knows. Maybe I'm just fooling myself.