Over the past few months, I've gotten deep into learning and using Xamarin and I have really grown to like it. One of the biggest gripes developers have with Xamarin is the cost for licensing. Once Microsoft acquired Xamarin, we all knew some good news was just around the corner and mostly because it's in Microsoft's interest to get Xamarin in the hands of developers.

Today, it was announced at Build 2016 that Xamarin will be part of Visual Studio, including community edition, which is free. The cost barrier has been removed. The OS X compatible Xamarin Studio is also free now. On top of that, the runtime is going to be open sourced, which should be another good thing for developers.

I'm pretty excited about this as I plan to continue working with Xamarin and now that it's part of Visual Studio, it's a no brainer to put it to use for future projects. I'm looking forward to seeing what else Microsoft does with Xamarin in the coming months.