Here's something weird. It's a quick tip, really. Something I don't like about Xamarin Studio is that it feels sort of muddy. Typing does. I feel like I'm typing in mud. It's sluggish but I found a way to make it feel much more fluid: change the font.

Typically, I like to use the Consolas font for writing code. I'm quite picky about my environment. Gotta have the right color scheme (dark) and the right font. So of course, when I first started using Xamarin Studio, I installed Consolas and made it my default font.

Today I felt adventurous and decided to try out some different fonts. I tried Menlo, the default monospace font that Apple uses in Xcode, which I think Xamarin Studio uses by default. I noticed once I changed to Menlo, Xamarin Studio was really slow. When typing, it felt like there was a huge delay from key stroke to characters appearing on screen and the intellisense was painfully sluggish.

I realized there's an effect on performance depending on the font. So I decided to try out some others and came to conclusion that Courier New was the best choice for performance. Once I switched to this font, Xamarin Studio felt way faster. Typing felt much more natural and intellisense was quicker too.

Courier New isn't my favorite font, but I think the compromise is worth it because now Xamarin Studio feels much more responsive. So there you have it. If you want to make Xamarin Studio feel a bit faster, change your font to Courier New. Every bit helps.