I have written two weather apps that have never been published. I know, it's kinda dumb to create apps and never release them but, I never felt like either of them were truly complete. Anyway, both of these weather apps used the wonderful Dark Sky API (formerly known as the forecast.io API). I adapted a C# API client that I found on GitHub years ago and converted it to a PCL project so I could use it with Xamarin and UWP. It worked really well.

Today, I decided to once again revise this API client and make it work with .Net Core. Because, why not? Anyway, you can find the code here. I still have to package it for Nuget and I plan to release the same library with the original PCL support as well. If you're a weather nerd, the Dark Sky API will make you happy. And, there's a little console app included so you can see the API client in action while getting the weather in the command line on Windows, macOS and Linux.