Forgive any typoes. This post was forced so I could get it out in the last few minutes of 2017. Here it is (with flaws).

I'm picky about certain things. For instance, I must have a proper dark theme when editing code. Not just any dark theme will do. I used to like Zenburn, but now, I hate it. We, humans, are fickle. It's too yellow.

Currently, I'm a fan of a properly executed version of Monokai. There are a lot of poorly executed versions of this code theme out there for various editors and IDE's and I've spent hours working to find just the right one for Rider.

I'll save you some time if you're using Rider. Get this theme: Eclectide Monokai. It's nice. Not perfect, but pretty damn good. The colors are nice but who knows what pathetic font your using. Oh, that's the other thing I'm super picky about. Let's talk fonts.

Ya' know what, it's going to be 2018 in about 30 minutes so I'll spare you my font journey and just tell you what the most amazing, most awesomist, greatest, code-neardiest font is: drum roll, please: Firacode. Get your mind right and get this font. Also, enable ligatures in your editor/IDE. You can thank me later (sometime in 2018).

Okay, so those are two things that I'm picky about, but even more so, I hate something. It's something insidious. It's reprehensible. It should be criminal. It's been banned in 7 countries. Have you guess what it is yet? C'mon, think!

It's typing latency.

What do you mean, Don? If you have to ask that question, you're not paying attention to the fine details of your everyday experience. Let me explain. You're writing code. Typing, typing, typing, typing... But your editor/IDE is laggy. Not super-laggy, but it can't keep up with your typing pace.

You hit a key and 2 milliseconds later you see the character appear on the screen. That's not good enough! It feels like you're wading through mud with your fingers. One foot up and then down: slosh, etc. I hate this feeling more than a bad theme or a poorly executed monospaced font.

Okay, hopefully, you know what I mean now when I say "typing latency". Surprisingly, Visual Studio Code is really good at this. I hit a key and it appears on the screen instantly with VS Code. I love that. But I can't use VS Code because it doesn't support Razor yet.

Moving on to Visual Studio 2017. VS has always gotten typing latency right, just barely. VS is doing a lot of static code analysis so intellisense can bog things down. But, it's never hindered me so I think VS is okay. But, I can't use Visual Studio proper.

I'm on a Mac and I need .Net Core support and Razor support in my tool of choice. My only option is Rider. I love Rider, but it's typing latency is horrible. It's bad. Hit key, wait an eternity to see the character on screen. Feels like walking through mud all day.

But, I found a solution to this typing latency problem with Rider (actually, the whole JetBrains product line). It's one line of text and it will change your world if you use JetBrains tools. Ready? Are you sure?

Okay this is it: So simple yet such a great effect (simply add this to your custom properties file). I'm not sure why this isn't enabled by default across the product line, but it's not. There may be side-effects but I haven't experienced any.

Now, Rider feels superfluid when typing. I love this feeling. I can just write and write and write without delay.

I know, it seems trivial, but for me, it's critical. Rider feels like home now. I have a beautiful theme, a great font and typing feels instant. It's pretty grand.

Happy New Year! And, yes, this should have been a tweet.