I'm a terrible, terrible blogger. This blog has been neglected for quite some time. I have good reasons. I work a full time consulting job, have a family and I'm trying to get a startup off the ground. Yeah, I'm maxed out.

But, I truly believe that writing is therapeutic. It's a good way to sort out thoughts and add something to the world. With that, I intend to write here more. There will be a bit of a change in format. In the past, this blog has focused on software development, specifically Xamarin and I'll continue writing about that topic.

But, my mind is on other things. Specifically getting my product off the ground. This has taken me to far off places, like marketing, customer service, SEO and graphic design. When you're building something on a shoe-string budget, you make do. My co-founder and I have been making do a lot lately and I plan to write about our adventures.

With that, I have taken a big step (not really) and updated the tag line of this blog to include entrepreneurship as well as software development. That's what I'm all about these days. And, that's what I plan to write about. There's a lot to write about.