I've been thinking about this blog. Well, about blogging in general. There used to be a time - back in the olden days - when blogs weren't just long-form articles. It seems lately, a blog post is always supposed to be focused on some particular topic,  optimized for maximum appeal. Do your keyword research, make sure the title is just right, get the correct amount of keyword density, etc, etc, etc.

Boring. 👎🏻

You see, it's this sort of stuff that prevents me from blogging at all. I feel obligated to only write a post if I have fully formed an idea and I can make a long article out of it. Then, I sit down to write something and realize, my concept isn't quite as fully formed as it needs to be to create a proper blog post. So, I say to hell with it. I just don't write.

But, wait a minute. Who's blog is this anyway? Why should I be constrained by the rules of the day? If I want to write a single sentence blog post, I should. If I just want to link to some weird article I came across, then so be it. I'm not sure why I've let certain conventions about blogging corrupt my thinking, but I have. It's probably all this talk about "content marketing" I keep coming across.

I think the content marketing mentality has taken the fun out of blogging. Having a blog should be fun. My next post will be something completely weird. It won't have a good title and it will barely qualify as content...whatever that is.