Anticipation Made Fun

Down to Zero is a countdown timer for Windows Phone 8 with a unique design that fits right into the Windows Phone user experience. Down to Zero makes anticipating the important events in your life more fun. Each countdown you create displays the most relevant unit of time, whether days, hours, minutes or seconds. Image rich live tiles and lock screens make the experience even better. Get it now

[![651b4fa4-507a-4030-842f-2cde65135f0c_130362818134693406](,w_168/v1421532999/651b4fa4-507a-4030-842f-2cde65135f0c_130362818134693406_sqyn6r.png)]( [![8f164d0b-f79e-42f6-b643-553bfbcb0eaa_130362819432455765](,w_168/v1421533001/8f164d0b-f79e-42f6-b643-553bfbcb0eaa_130362819432455765_fomtfb.png)](


## Features
  • Add events right from your phone’s calendar
  • Choose a custom accent color
  • Set a background image from your photo library
  • Display your countdown on your lock screen
  • Rich live tiles display your countdowns on your home screen
  • Watch the count down live as it goes down to zero
  • Share your countdown with friends